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Designing and Measuring for Social Impact

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Strategic Planning and Program Alignment

Is your organization measuring outcomes that are aligned to your programs, activities, and goals? Our first step is to ensure that your program is designed in a way to produce the outcomes you desire. Our team will help ensure you measure what matters and ensure your program is anchored in a  clear definition of measurable success. Activities may include strategic planning and logic model development.

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Program and Impact Evaluations

To what extent is your program or initiative achieving its desired goals? For whom does it work for and under what conditions? Launching or implementing a program isn't enough. Ideally, we work with you from the the idea stage to develop and conduct a program evaluation to help you determine the effectiveness and impact of your program for your stakeholders.

Data Strategy, Analytics and Reporting

Whether its ongoing analysis of existing data or research to identify the best data sources, our team will partner with you to  generate strategic measures of success and translate them to an useable data system that enables graphic representations of data. Our goal is to ensure you can access and interpret data meaningfully and accurately assess the effectiveness and impact of your efforts for all your stakeholders, not just the average consumer.

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Best Practices Research and Landscape Analysis

Not sure what to measure, what tools already exist, or what is most appropriate for your target audience? Let us do a deep dive into the data and identify what research works in practice and help you narrow in on the most effective tools and approaches to incorporate into your work.

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